210-5 series

210MA-E5, 210MB-E5

- Support Mechatrolink III/ EtherCAt/ RTEX serial bus communication
-  Equipped with high-performance main board
-  Support up to 4 axis group and 5-axis simultaneous machining
-  RTCP for high precision processing on surface

Multi-Program High Performance Product

- Support Yaskawa Mechatorlink-lll serial bus communication
- Also support Ethercat and RTEX serial bus communication
- Up to 16 axis and 4 axis groups
- 5-axis simultaneous machining

- Fits the discontinuous blocks into a smooth-curve path
- Enhance the machining and reduce the mechanical shock
SPA2.0(ZPEC) Servo Delay Compensation Level Up

- Enhance the precision of arc and corner
- Improve the path symmetry
- Advance the ability to resist the resonance of machines
Rotation Tool Center Point Feature (RTCP)

- Support 3D tool length compensation feature
- Program product in CAM program, and the controller will automatically implement tool length and wear
- Tool tip always on the perpendicular against product contour
Specification Table

210-5 Series
○ Standar - Not Support △ Optional
Model 210MA-E5 210MB-E5
Axis no. 8(9) 12(16)
DA 2
Max I/O 96/96
Display 8"/10.4"
Servo M3/EtherCat/RTEX
Connection Ethernet/RS485/SRI
Multi-Program No. 4
multi-axis linkage

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