Company Profile

SYNTEC Group was established in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 1995. The business territory covers all over the world, centred on Taiwan and outreaching three continents, including Europe, America, and Asia. We are a professional CNC controller manufacturer and have long been engaged in the research and development of software and hardware technology for machine tool controllers. Through our commitment in delivering quality products across the market, we have now become the largest CNC controls manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific market.

We bring to the Americas, a Great Reputation and Quality Products, derived from decades of Research and Development and a strong dedication to our Customers.

Syntec focuses on the field of CNC machine tool. Innovative products such as the lathe & milling machine provides value-added applications and a complete after-sales service. Apart from CNC controllers, product lines of Syntec have extended to high-end main shaft servo integration, linear motor and direct drive motor. Responding to the trend of industrial automation, Syntec automation controllers and all types of robotic arm controllers have been developed. Syntec expects to add value to automated production lines by providing integrated solutions. In addition, Syntec is actively investing integrated resource in related-areas to implement the concept of “Industrial 4.0.”

And for this reason, Leantec is established. Under the trend of Industrial 4.0, companies start to devote to small-scale diversified production and customized production. As a subsidiary of Syntec, Leantec provides complete solutions to comply the vision of smart manufacturing and smart factory.

Syntec at a Glance
CNC Machine Retrofit

Repairing old models can be troublesome considering its cost, sustainability, lead time as well as availability of service providers & parts. Our company is able to bring your old, broke down CNC machine back to operation by retrofitting the entire system. Brand new electronics hardware, customized system & software, cutting edge technology & very competitive pricing!
Automation / Customized System

Building a customized machine with no software solution? We can help. From Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human-Machine Interface (HMI), customize MACRO to multiple axis controller, we can provide you with a total solution.
Robotic Solution

The rising trend of Industry 4.0 has driven company to devote more resources to developing small-scale diversified and customized products. As a subsidiary of Syntec, Leantec provides integrated solutions to bring in a new wave of smart manufacturing and smart factory. Leantec provides and integrates robot solutions in various applications including robot welding, robot tending, robot deburring, robot grinding, and etc.


ISO9001 system certification
Product CEU.UL certification


Machine tool processing, smart manufacturing, laser marking, encoder application and other inventions and new patents