Leantec's Mobile Robot Trolley Solution Enables Diverse and Low-Volume Production Scenarios

There are several pain points associated with traditional robot loading and unloading, including occupying a large space, being difficult to changeover, and requiring a long tuning time. To address these challenges, Leantec has introduced a mobile robot trolley solution for machine tool loading and unloading, which enables continuous production.

High-mix and low-volume production has become increasingly common in manufacturing, and robotic arms are now considered an indispensable component of factory production. However, traditional robotic arms are plagued by several pain points, such as occupying a large area, being difficult to changeover, and requiring a long tuning time. These challenges have discouraged many factory owners from investing in automation. In response to these issues, Leantec has developed a mobile robot trolley solution for machine tool loading and unloading. This solution includes standard components, such as a robotic arm, a mobile trolley, and a tray silo module, and is well-suited for small quantities and diverse metal processing industries.


Standard configuration: Leantec robot + mobile trolley + tray and silo module

· Leantec Robot: The mobile trolley for machine tool loading and unloading can be equipped with either the Leantec Y Series 917 arm span or the R Series 1206 arm span.

· Mobile trolley: The trolley has an overall dimension of 1650*600mm and is equipped with casters at the bottom for easy movement. The unit features a stepped structure design, which helps reduce interference during pick-and-place operations. The arm installation foundation is also designed to be dense, while leaving enough space for workers to change tools and operate the machine tool panel.

· Tray Silo Solution: The silo solution for the robot trolley can be configured with either a double-layer automatic feeding tray or a rotary silo.
Optional configuration: Material tray, rotary table, positioning table, and fixture

· Material tray: serve as both a storage and auxiliary positioning device. In this solution, the default size for a single tray is 550 x 420 mm, but it can also be customized to meet the specific needs of customers.

·  Rotary table: be used for turning workpieces and is primarily composed of a turning cylinder, a 2-finger gripper cylinder, and a magnetic switch. This feature can also be customized based on specific requirements.

· Positioning Table: serves as an auxiliary positioning device. In the case of a special workpiece, the robot can be positioned by the table, and the workpiece can be placed at a fixed angle. This feature can also be customized based on specific requirements.

Fixture: The fixture is an optional component and can be equipped with the traditional pneumatic double jaw design. The arm body is equipped with a built-in air tube and IO wire, facilitating air routing.

1 Flexible movement and Quick Installation

Designed for flexible movement and quick installation. It can be easily moved thanks to its mobility and equipped with casters and L-shaped fixed brackets at the bottom. This makes it convenient for installation, fixation, and secondary repeated positioning.

2 Fast and Efficient Communication with Machine Tools

Designed to ensure fast and efficient communication with machine tools. When integrated with the Syntec machine tool system, only one network cable is needed for communication. For integration with other brand machine tools, an IO aviation docking plug is used to enable quick connection.

3 EasyTuning and Quick Production

With simple communication signal testing and teaching of pick-and-place points for the machine tool chuck, on-site tuning time is reduced, enabling the solution to be put into production quickly.

4 Quick Changeover

With the mobile robot trolley solution, it is convenient and quick to transfer the machine according to the production plan, and production demands can be met after simple tuning.

5 Continuous Production For Rapid Revenue Generation

With the Leantec mobile robot trolley solution, there is no need to stop the robot arm and machine tool during processing and production. Raw workpieces can be added for processing while ensuring safety, enabling continuous production without interruption. This ensures rapid revenue generation and maximum efficiency.

In a specific customer case, the workpiece being processed is a hexagonal nut with angular positioning, and it needs to be processed through a one-to-two double-process pick-and-place method with other brand machine tools. To address this challenge, Leantec's double-layer automatic tray mobile trolley solution was implemented.

04 May 2023