Stepper Controller


-Differential signaling control
-Built-in 4O/16I
-Equipped with I/O and AD/DA model

Support Handheld Box and PC Software Operating

Syntec desktop automatic solution provides 5-axis pulse stepper controller. Touched screen could be chosen to be all-in-one or separated depending on users’ demands. It’s available to operate the software via 4.3 inches small handheld box or PC to fulfill several functions including axial jogging, path editing, parameters setting, and I/O testing. From control site to operate site, the perfect desktop automatic solution fulfills every occasion and every demand.
Provide High-Level Movement Control Function

Desktop 5-axis pulse stepper controller provides high-level movement control function.
- 5-axis synchronize
- Straight line interpolate
- Arc curve interpolate
- End point movement control
Combine with Visual Function

Vision alignment function is a necessary accessibility option. Integrate with Syntec visual technology, using PC to operate the software can provide camera setting and workpieces aligning function. Intuitive steps to edit allows users to learn more easily.
Peripheral Integrated Solution

It was on account of automation control needing to work with peripherals, so 5-axis pulse stepper controller has RS485 and SRI for its standard complimentary. This allows users to apply FC I/O module and FC smart laser module freely. Also, it can expand points of I/O and AD/DA that makes applications more flexible.

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